Dec 9, 2011

Mover and a Shaker

Last week or so seems to be a blur and we had big things happening.  Here are just a few highlights. 

OSU beast OU!!!!  Holy cow!  The look on their faces says it all!

  Adelee is shocked and Riley is not happy! (we are a house divided)

Here are the post game faces...

Riley looks like he might cry!  Adelee looks thrilled.
(not sure what is wrong with blogger, but it keeps messing up the color when I load Riley's pic)

Jay is changing jobs and so we are moving again.  I have known this for a while now but just haven't said anything. He left on Thursday for Colorado and I will meet up with him at Christmas.  I have mixed feelings about this move, just as I did when moving here.  I am going to miss my family more than anything in this world!  I am NOT going to miss the heat of the Oklahoma summers!  I just wish we could all live on a big compound together.  Kind of like on the show Dallas.  Problem solved :)  Let us all say one big prayer that this house sells. 

We had about one million appointments to fit into 4 days.  With our insurance changing we needed to get appts out of the way since we had met our deductible for the year.  One of which was Adelee's appointment with the hematology people.  Basically Dr. Kirkpatrick said he doesn't think it is anything that worrying...he THINKS.  The way the state reports the results is it says that her hemoglobin "could" have the Thalassemia trait.  We had to do more blood tests and this time it was a blood draw and not just a heel stick.  First of all I want to give props to the chick doing the draw, she was great & that job takes a brave one to stick babies all day.  I also have to say that I don't ever want to see that again even though Adelee was a champ.  I knew from the day she was born she was going to be a rockstar :)  Once they get the labs back the Dr. will be able to tell us where/what the problem is with her blood.  So basically more waiting.  Ugh! 

And last but not least Adelee started crawling last week.  My world is over as I know it for sure.  This crawl she does is pretty funny. She can get her belly off the ground but she prefers not to, so we have an army type crawl.  She is pretty fast and knows where she wants to go.  Crawling before she was 6 months old...  Lord help me!

Nov 29, 2011


Thalassemia is what!  A few weeks after Adelee was born we got a letter from the state in the mail stating her hemoglobin results were inconclusive.  Dr. Sood said not to worry about it, they would retest and it would probable be fine.  And if the results were abnormal???  Dr. Sood said there isn't anything to worry about it she just won't respond to iron.  I haven't thought much about it since then.  I took Adelee for another blood draw and sent it off, haven't worried about it since.  I called the Dr. office to see if the results were in and was told they would ask Dr. Sood and call me back.  The next day I get a message telling me to call the office when I can.  That right there told me the answer...if it was normal they would have told me on the message.  I got the message AFTER the phones were off on a Friday.  I had to wait all weekend to call back.  The nurse told me what I already knew and said the labs were already sent over to HEMOC and to call them for an appt.  First I had no idea what HEMOC was and when I called the number they answered "Children's Oncology", I responded "WHERE DID I CALL"????  The lady could tell I was freaked out and then said the full name "Children's Hematology and Oncology".  Ok really, she could have lead with that!  So we have an appointment on the 6th and I will find out more.  I am a little nervous because I did what you are never supposed to do, I consulted "Dr. Google".  People-Never consult Dr. Google when you don't even have the facts yet!  Please just let the 6th get here quickly so that I know what we are dealing with.  Here is a recent picture of little Miss.

Nov 20, 2011

Love this idea....

I really love this idea and will be doing this next year.  Too bad I just now saw this!  A nice daily reminder of what we have to be thankful for.  The round discs are scrapbook paper that you write whatever it is you are thankful for.  Love.

here is where I found this...

Nov 17, 2011

Houston we have a sitter...

 Well for about 5 seconds anyway!  Still very exciting.  I am terrible at keeping up with baby books, but will randomly write things down.  When Adelee learned her new trick I grabbed Riley's baby book to see when he started sitting.  Guess what???  I DIDN'T write it down, imagine that.  I instantly became obsessed with figuring it out, finally I found a picture I took at the end of October.  Riley was 6.5 months when he could sit.  Adelee is 5.5 months, but Riley was early and with his adjusted age I think they are right on track with each other.  It is fun to see how they develop differently in some areas and just the same in others.  Thinking back on when Riley did this or that also makes me very sad that he isn't a baby anymore.  Where did the time go? 


Nov 10, 2011

5 months...I am so thankful

So a lot has happened since I started this back up again.  As you can see from the pictures we have had another baby, Adelee.  She is so stinking cute and Riley loves her most of the time.  What I am about to say might sound ungrateful and that is not my intent.  I am so grateful for all my blessings.  With that being said I am grateful for month 5!  Adelee is 5 months old, praise God!  I love my babies, but I REALLY struggle in those first few months.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have my little baby in my arms.  I just am not one of those moms that pops a kid out and everything is perfect as a pictue.  It takes me a bit to adjust to the change in the family dynamics and the change in me.  I had post partum with Riley but had hoped that it was due to my month long hospital stay before he was born.  I wasn't so lucky...I knew by week two.  Then Adelee was having tummy problems and did nothing but scream for the first 6 weeks.  If she wasn't asleep (15 min at a time) she was screaming.  I had to hold her non-stop, but that didn't do much good.  About week 7 we got her on special formula and by week 9 she was like a different baby.  It was such a relief for the both of us.  Her little personality bloomed and I started enjoying my sweet baby.  Things started getting better with Adelee, I wasn't so tired, and the zoloft (for me-not the baby) kicked in.  Again, praise God.  So what I am getting at is that by month 5 we had a happy baby, happy momma and a nice little routine.  Month 5 makes me smile and shed a happy tear! 

Nov 1, 2011


MaMere & Faith came in town for Halloween. We were so excited to have them here. Riley loves nothing more than his "Sis" and had a fantastic time. We went to a pumpkin patch and petting zoo on Sunday. Faith and Riley had lots of fun feeding the animals, riding a camel & Riley rode a pony. Adelee was just enjoying the ride and did great! She wasn't fussy and was all smiles. Nae & Pa met us at the pumpkin patch and then we all went to dinner after. It was a great evening. Just let me say, getting 3 kids to all look at the camera at the same time is a total joke. The two group shots were the best I could do!

On Monday we did a trick or treat at Riley's Kid's Day Out at the church.  We went through town and merchants brought out candy for the kids.  It was more fun for the kids :)  Sugar high was a definate!  Faith pulled Riley in the wagon and Adelee cruised along in the stroller. 

Later that night Faith was a great big sister and took Riley trick or treating in the neighborhood.  They looked darling!  MaMere, Adelee and I stayed at the house to hand out candy.  It was a pretty good Halloween. 

Horrible Blogger...(if you can even call me that)

Ok, so I really am not very good with keeping this updated.  I tend to be better at facebook.  But I know that this will be really fun to look back on one day.  So I am going to really make an effort to do this.  I am going to try and do a once a week post.  Even if all I do is post pictures.  So here we go :)